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We pack our Basil & Garlic, Lemon & Rosemary, Chili & Oregano flavours with Green Halkidiki Olives

  • Alternative Names Chondrolia Chalchidikis, Halkidiki, Khalkidiki
  • Growing Region: Chalchidiki region: near Thessaloniki
  • Tree Characteristics: Medium hardiness
  • Fruit Shape: Asymmetric, ovoid, elongated with a nipple at apex
  • Ripening: Harvested early, does not turn completely black

The Halkidiki Olives grows and cultivated in northern Greece on the Halkidiki Peninsula with its unique climate condition and soil characteristics make this olive developed a full, spicy and slightly bitter taste with a hint of fruity aroma.

Since it is harvested while it is still young this oval shape olive is fleshy (meaty) with small stone and developed a bright yellow green color which will change to yellow when it matures. With the perfect climate condition and nutrients rich soil this Greek olive is considered as the superior type among other table olives.
The Halkidiki olives are harvested from mid -September to the end of October.

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We pack our Chili & Garlic flavour with Black Kalamata Olives

  • Alternative Names : Kalamatiani,  Aetonichi,  Tsigeli, Karakolia
  • Growing Region: region of Kalamata in south-east Peloponnese and other parts of the Greece and to other countries also, it has proved its
adaptability as an excellent cultivar in both warm and cold areas worldwide.
  • Tree Characteristics:  tree growth is erect, with broad dark green leaves
  • Fruit Shape: Cylindroconical shape, lengthy and pointed, with a distinctly bent point at its tip
  • Ripening: ripen in late November–December and it turns black when fully ripe, excellent cultivar for both table olives and oil production

One of the most important varieties globally, Kalamata olive trees, locate mainly in the region of Kalamata in south-east Peloponnese and other parts of Greece.

Hand harvested at their fully ripe stage Kalamata olives are fermented and processed with great care to produce a unique sensory profile with strong odour, firmness and hardness to be its main flavor and aroma characteristics.

At just the right size to eat at once those olives are collected at the end of November.

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